Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I brought my computer and bands with me while i am out of town. I am happy that week 4 is the week that i am out of town so bands should be all i need. I like to do some of the moves with weights more than bands. Also there is the wonderful trader joes where there are packages of vegan gluten high protein mock meats to dine on. I got the beef strips and the bbq chicken as my main source of food. I will be making a carb exception to enjoy the wonders of green vegetarian restaurant (my absolute favorite!) while in phoenix. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

I did the kenpo video twice in a row yesterday. I had too much pent up energy from spending so much time in the car, plus I did make a stop at ronalds in vegas, so I worked extra hard to burn off that doughnut. Surprisingly, I am not sore. I guess this is how the third month of the nutrition plan works well, eat lots of carbs and you have tons of energy. I am happy to have stability again with food. The road trip was hard. I know i did not consume enough calories or protein and too many carbs. I packed with me some mock fish from the asian market for the trip. It held up pretty well and It was a great meal source. For snacks I had some spicy nori strips which have some protein and some carbs, but not really enough to count. Just something to munch on on the drive. I did eat a builder bar which is not the correct ratio, but at least I kept my body fueled and nourished. I had some protein powder with me and made a shake as soon as i got to phoenix.

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