Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last night during leg and back I did 8 pull-ups during the work out. I was not all the way down, but I am happy with what I can do. I was able to do 3 in a row the first time, where I was only able to do 1 during the fitness test a few days ago. I had never been able to do pull-ups in my life.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

60 day results

I am pleased with my sixty day results, and I am going to work really hard on this last 30. It seems like the pictures people have posted online have the biggest difference from day 60 to day 90. Lets see if that works for me too. I am loving my diet for this round. so much delicious food. And I can eat all day because most of what I eat has hardly any calories.

these are the results comparing day 0 to day 60

weight -9.2lbs
waist -4"
bicep -.5"
thigh -2.5"
vertical leap +3.25"
push-ups n/a (it was hurting my shoulder to do them, so I didn't)
toe touch +4.75"
wall squat +3:07
bicep curls +43
in & outs +70
pull- up 1

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

phase 3

Today I began phase 3 of the nutrition plan. It was a little bit of guessing and lots of good food. I shared a cupcake from city cakes who happened to be at the farmers market. It was delicious and a special treat. Now back to work. I am going a little crazy with this phase and I am going to try to do raw as much as possible or at least often. If not raw, then whole foods. I have little experience with raw, so I am going to do what I can and have fun with it. I am going to be pretty strict with the diet and limit foods to whole foods. Nothing processed. We made this decision a few weeks ago and stopped purchasing new food and rid our cupboard and fridge of most processed foods (at least anything tempting or perishable). 30 days left, and 30 days of eating healthy. Today my foods were: dried apricots, portabella burger on sprouted bread (not raw), banana smoothies, dried and seasoned corn, dried dates, and oatmeal. My calories only reached 1604. I made some raw bread/crackers that will be ready tomorrow. I am also looking into making a raw cheesecake. my fat was pretty low so I think this is actually feasible (the ingredients include nuts and coconut). I was also lacking in protein so I added some protein powder to the smoothies I had. I think beans or lentils might be a good way to replace the protein powder. I have some soaking along with nuts and seeds. I expect raw food to be work and planning, and I am going to do my best.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Updated opinions of workouts: these were my first thoughts of the workouts, and ordered from most liked to least liked
1. Kenpo X-- this was fun and quick
2. Shoulders and Arms-- I like working these areas. It is easy to feel the muscles being worked.
3. Legs & Back
4. Plyometrics
5. Chest & Back
6. Ab ripperX-- it's tough
7.Yoga X-- ashtanga yoga is my least favorite type of yoga, but at least it is only half of the video

Now: (of the second training block)
1. Kenpo X-- Still love this. It is fun and a great workout.
2. Back and Biceps-- It is over fast and my arms are on fire when it is done. I like how I can do everything in this video well. Also Tony seems to be in an extra good mood in this video.
3. Ab ripper X-- never thought i would like this one, but I do. I can now do the entire video and I push myself to do it better every time.
4. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps-- again, now that I am able to do the exercises I actually like them. There are tons of push-ups and it doesn't bother me at all. I currently struggle with pull-ups still. my apartment has a very low ceiling and instead of a chair I am using a milk crate for help. Tried bands out today to replace pull-ups and I am going to try to mix it up between them.
5. Yoga X-- has gotten easier, still not happy about it on yoga day
6. Legs and Back-- I feel neutral about this video and the exercises, I feel like working out my legs is the most difficult and leas enjoyable.
7. plyometrics-- over it.