Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Updated opinions of workouts: these were my first thoughts of the workouts, and ordered from most liked to least liked
1. Kenpo X-- this was fun and quick
2. Shoulders and Arms-- I like working these areas. It is easy to feel the muscles being worked.
3. Legs & Back
4. Plyometrics
5. Chest & Back
6. Ab ripperX-- it's tough
7.Yoga X-- ashtanga yoga is my least favorite type of yoga, but at least it is only half of the video

Now: (of the second training block)
1. Kenpo X-- Still love this. It is fun and a great workout.
2. Back and Biceps-- It is over fast and my arms are on fire when it is done. I like how I can do everything in this video well. Also Tony seems to be in an extra good mood in this video.
3. Ab ripper X-- never thought i would like this one, but I do. I can now do the entire video and I push myself to do it better every time.
4. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps-- again, now that I am able to do the exercises I actually like them. There are tons of push-ups and it doesn't bother me at all. I currently struggle with pull-ups still. my apartment has a very low ceiling and instead of a chair I am using a milk crate for help. Tried bands out today to replace pull-ups and I am going to try to mix it up between them.
5. Yoga X-- has gotten easier, still not happy about it on yoga day
6. Legs and Back-- I feel neutral about this video and the exercises, I feel like working out my legs is the most difficult and leas enjoyable.
7. plyometrics-- over it.

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