Tuesday, August 24, 2010

60 day results

I am pleased with my sixty day results, and I am going to work really hard on this last 30. It seems like the pictures people have posted online have the biggest difference from day 60 to day 90. Lets see if that works for me too. I am loving my diet for this round. so much delicious food. And I can eat all day because most of what I eat has hardly any calories.

these are the results comparing day 0 to day 60

weight -9.2lbs
waist -4"
bicep -.5"
thigh -2.5"
vertical leap +3.25"
push-ups n/a (it was hurting my shoulder to do them, so I didn't)
toe touch +4.75"
wall squat +3:07
bicep curls +43
in & outs +70
pull- up 1

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